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What is Shiza Manzi?

Shiza Manzi, meaning hot water, is an innovative geyser that can boil 24 litres of water using only dry biofeul.
Shiza Manzi is a virtually smokeless biofeul geyser that needs about 900g of biofeul to heat 24 litres of water.

About Us

Our Vision

  • To improve living conditions for all and restoring the dignity of woman, children and the elderly of our country.
  • To create business and job opportunities for PDI through manufacturing a product for South Africa by South Africans.

Our Mission

  • By excepting that pollution and waste management is not the exclusive preserve of government. Shiza Manzi will take hands with the government and the public to eradicate pollution.
  • To help reduce the poor's daily struggle with the burden of poverty. The poor has got very little money for personal hygiene and we want to help them change this.


New Production Plant 18th May 2013

Production of our geysers has halted for a short period while we were busy moving to a new facility. This facility will be completed by December and once in operation will have the capacity of producing 1400 geysers per month.

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